Tibet Elderly Help raises funds to benefit Tibetans who are living in India and Nepal under extremely poor conditions. Our focus is on providing physical, emotional, and spiritual aid to the elderly. With the help of your support, we are able to currently assist a number Tibetan elders with financial assistance, food, medicine, medical care, warm clothing, clean water, basic home repairs, and other necessities. On occasion we may also assist orphans, single parents, and others in these communities who need support.

Tibet Elderly Help realizes that aid begins with an understanding of the issues. We work to promote such understanding by sponsoring cultural events and spreading knowledge about the challenges that face Tibetan communities and their elders.

If you wish to learn more about Tibet and its people, please visit our History page.

If you wish to make a donation, you can do so here.

Please do not hesitate to make even the smallest contribution. By joining together, we can bring a measure of comfort and dignity to these people in their old age.