12 February 2007

Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Dr. Keyzom B. Phunkyil is a graduate of the Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute (TMAI), India, who worked for over two decades here in India. She and some friends have recently established Tibet Elderly Help, a not-for-profit organization, in the U.s.a., to assist elderly, poor and needy Tibetans in Tibet and in exile in India and Nepal.

We applaud this initiative to help elderly Tibetans, who otherwise have difficulty looking after themselves. it is very gratifying when Tibetans living abroad are able to provide asistance to their fellow countrymen and women living in Tibet and elsewhere, by supporting educational institutions, medical facilities, and so forth. This kind of activity makes a practical and commendable contribution to the Tibetan cause.

We would like to offer our thanks to Dr. Keyzom B. Phunkyil for her efforts and wish her every success in this endeavor.

Chhime R. Chhoekyapa

Joint Secretary