Tibet Elderly Help is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in January 2006 by Amjee Keyzom Bhutti, a doctor of Tibetan medicine. On a visit to Tibet in 2005, she realized that many Tibetan elders were living a life of poverty and urgently needed help. Dr. Bhutti began this charitable organization to raise funds for their support. The Tibetan elderly have no Social Security or safety net to help them in their daily lives.

The  Tibetan  elderly refugees in India and  Nepal are  suffering  emotionally,  physically and financially.  They are losing their vision and hearing.  They have difficulty walking, cannot speak well, and are often disabled. The Tibetan elderly live in closet-sized rooms filled with  carbon monoxide from nearby gasoline stoves with no health-care or proper sanitation facilities. The elderly have no income and no family to support them; most are single, and they suffer greatly. Each time we traveled to India and Nepal we see more and more suffering people, it is almost impossible to imagine how little these people have and in what conditions they live.

With the help from Dr. Bhutti’s clients and friends, we have helped Tibetan elderly by providing blankets, shoes, bed sheets, monetary donations, a new water tank replacement, a  kitchen renovation, a new laundry machine replacement and new car tires. We have distributed all of your donations and brought love and  light to impoverished elderly in real need.

We thank you for making a real difference. May all of the good merits that you collect result in limitless happiness to you and your family. When the elderly receive your generosity, they have lighted candles to wish a long healthy life and happiness to the donors; they cried with joy while sending prayers.

Donations of any amount to Tibet Elderly Help will bring further light and hope to the many more elderly Tibetans who live in Tibet, India, and Nepal. We depend upon your kind donations. Please help us today, we are all truly inter-connected. 

We wish you and your family a long, healthy and happy life. We thank you on behalf of the Tibetan elderly. All donations to Tibet Elderly Help are tax-deductible as permitted by law.

With Warmest Regards,

Dr. Keyzom Bhutti  (Founding Director)

Important Update to Plans for the Amitabha lodge, March 2022

Dr. Keyzom Bhutti love of Mother Earth and all the insects who make their home there has caused Dr. Keyzom Bhutti to make an important change. Instead of new construction, she will now seek to purchase a large building to serve as the Amitabha lodge. This will protect Mother Earth and the many insects that would be harmed by undertaking new construction. The pre-existing building will then be adapted and enlarged as needed.