Central Asia Musical Arts Performance
Saturday, Sept 9th 2006, 7-9 pm
MIT Kresge Auditorium
84 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge.
Ticket sales at the entrance gate from 5.30 p.m.

Featuring the most talented performers from Tibet, Nepal and India
-Tibetan Opera Dance to dispel negative energies
-Good Luck dance
-Yak (Tibet’s national animal) dance
-Famous Indian Bhangra dance
-Nepalese Classical dance
-Traditional musical instruments, a soothing performance
-Taiko Japanese drum
-Bharatnatyam Manjushri Dance
-Melodious flute performance and many more.

Special Thanks to our Volunteers: (The names that are listed here are not in any particular order) Kate Weston, Greta Patel, Dechen Gonnot, Jack Miller, Nawang Jorden, Belinda Morse, Tri Ngo, Jessica Vellela, Mark Kelly, Rose Lee, John Barrett, Linda Mancini, Jon Chu, Nicole Chan, Patrice Harris.