Dear Friends,

For many years now, I have had a goal that I would like your help to turn into a reality.

My Desired Result

My goal is to establish a guest house in Bodh Gaya, India for those who make a pilgrimage to this most holy site where Buddha attained enlightenment. I would like to name it the Amitabha lodge (in honor of the Buddha of Infinite Light) of which the proceeds would be directed to help the many impoverished elderly Tibetans.

Design Drawing of Amitabha lodge

Creation of the Lodge

I have already had a design for the Amitabha lodge drawn up by the architect, Penpa Tsering, Yarlung Builders. It is comprised of about fifteen rooms. I plan to have the guest house staffed by Tibetan monks. The proceeds derived from the visiting pilgrims would be distributed to the needy elderly Tibetans. In addition, I plan to set aside a portion of the rooms at the Lodge where needy elderly Tibetans on pilgrimage can stay for free for up to ten days.

I also wish to welcome there as guests all those who are able to donate funds for the creation of the lodge. The total cost will be $150,000. All donors will be remembered with their names inscribed on a commemorative plaque within the Amitabha lodge premises.

My Background

As many of you know, I was born in western Tibet, the daughter to pious Vajrayana parents. Since childhood, I had the wish to help people as a healer. Before going to sleep, I would pray to be a healer. Then my family was forced to flee to India.  There at Dharamsala, the Tibetan Government in Exile founded the Tibetan Medical and Astro-Science Institute. I was most fortunate to be selected as a member of the very first class at the Institute to be trained in traditional Tibetan medicine.

It took eight years of intensive study, hard work, and sacrifice, aided by the support and encouragement of the Dalai Lama, to earn the degree of Amjee, or Doctor of traditional Tibetan medicine. My classmates and I were able to set the example for future Tibetans to become doctors.

I successfully practiced Tibetan medicine for twenty-five years in India. When I came to the United States to join my husband and raise my two children, I set up a practice here, Tibetan Herbal Healing. Now I see clients from all over the country and the world.

My Spiritual Practices

I have been sustained through my life’s enormous challenges by daily Tibetan Buddhist practices. My prayers are always that all beings may become free from suffering.

My Charitable Endeavors

During my twenty-five years practicing Tibetan medicine in India, I always set aside a portion of my salary to help the poor. Here in the United States I have continued to do so. I have extended that by establishing Tibet Elderly Help to raise funds from others as well, to help the needy. All those funds I have distributed personally to impoverished elderly Tibetans, taking trips to India, Nepal, and also to Tibet.

My Vision

My vision of the Amitabha lodge is to create a physical and spiritual legacy. I hope that you will be inspired to participate in its creation. Tibet Elderly Help does not have a fundraiser or big donors. We are completely dependent upon your generous donation, so please consider giving what you can.

All contributions are tax deductible as permitted by law; Tibet Elderly Help is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

With my folded hands,

Amjee Keyzom Bhutti (Founder)