The long-term vision of Tibet Elderly Help is to provide elderly Tibetans with the resources needed to meet their basic needs, so they can live their lives with human dignity. This was the purpose of the trips that Dr. Bhutti made every year to India & Nepal. Although the elderly will be careful with money they receive directly, this is only a short-term solution. Dr. Bhutti’s vision is to build a guest house for the Tibetan elderly (see photos of architectural design ideas above and below) so that they can sustain themselves in the last years of their lives.

Potential Design Idea of the Future Amitabha lodge

Right now, the people we have helped will be suffering again soon because their access to proper food, appropriate housing, and even clean water is a day-to-day struggle. Here in America many people are now struggling too, so asking for further help is difficult but necessary. There are many opportunities for those of us blessed with resources to offer our support to those in need.

The elderly Tibetans in India have lost their country, have lost family members in their exodus from their native land, and are vulnerable because they are alone with no one to care for them. They range in age from 70 to 95. There is no social security for these people, no family members, no social safety net to protect them — only the kindness of your own heart.

If you are able to help us you will be directly changing the lives of some of the most forgotten and vulnerable people in the world. Our hearts are filled with joy when we take an action to change the world for the better, even in a small way. Please, we request you to seize this opportunity. The elderly always wish greater prosperity, good health and pray that all wishes be fulfilled for all donors. Their hearts will be filled by your generosity.

Thank you in advance for your support.